@ 90 Degrees: Science of the 3 Aspects of Mind

“@ 90 Degrees”
Science of the 3 Aspects of Mind

by Joseph Leaderbrand

Years ago, while I was out visiting the School of Metaphysic’s college campus, I was asked to paint a painting for donation as part of a fund-raiser. That night, after my meditation with the group, I hopped in my sleeping bag and went inward. I asked/intended to receive a suitable image to paint for this endeavor. I lay there with my eyes closed and my mind calm and receptive to receive imprints.

The imprints upon our subconscious mind are received more clearly when the mind is still from distracting thoughts that creating rippling effects that will cloud or offset our intentions.
This stillness is achieved through meditation, relaxation, and going to sleep.
A still mind can move into the vast other realms of the self.

I received a number of visions that night, though one stood out the most. It was an image of 3 sections within the painting. I knew immediately it represented the 3 levels or aspects of mind.


The Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious minds

It depicted the Superconscious mind as circular–a somewhat shimmering spinning vortex that represented the wholeness energizing and animating the Conscious and Subconcious minds. These other two aspects of mind were depicted as wavy, interwoven, and perpendicular lines. The Conscious mind was depicted as blue vertical lines, for we walk upon the Earth. The Subconscious mind was seen as horizontal red lines. The red Earth, what lies below our feet where we draw millenia of lifetimes of experiences, forming our collective memory and wisdom. The place where we dream. Each had a little wave within it representing the movement of mind and the present moment, so to speak. It also reflects the aspect of the Superconscious nature in every moment in time.
This vision is also reminiscent of the two components of an electromagnetic field– the electric current and the magnetic field that surrounds the current. I knew this as a result of my study in engineering that these two components’ forces act at 90 degrees to one another. Which is a lot like how the Conscious and Subconscious minds work. Let me explain…
The electric current through a wire, for example, generates a magnetic field. Our conscious mind–our thoughts and actions–are electric. They spark us to move and act, and thus, surrounding fields of energy are created and contribute to the world around us @ 90 degrees. The 90 degrees is a way of understanding that they affect the world in a different dimension that our physical sight. So as we move about our day, we are applying these forces that are connected to everything and everyone whether or not we are aware of this.
The Conscious and Subconscious minds don’t work independently, they only work together as one. Such as, when we have questions or problems in our conscious life, our Subsconscious mind will work to surface a viable solution, often times through dreams. I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up in the morning with a clean slate and fresh idea to a problem I’ve been tackling in the art world or in everyday things such as gardening. Once I was planting seeds for my garden and had them outside, being new to gardening, I was worried that the sun would fry them, and needed a solution to this. I woke up the next morning and saw a vision of a wooden box my grandpa was showing me, it had little slats of wood going across the top that acted as partial shade–enough to shade the plant. Another time, I was thinking about how my palette knife was getting dirty and needed to get the paint off somehow, I again, woke up the next morning with a vision of my pallette knife with a piece of sandpaper.
The knowledge that these two minds work in conjunction also helps explain the following phenomenon: We drift off into sleep and go into dream-mode, when all of a sudden, get jostled by a noise in the dream at the very same time is occurring in our physical waking world. The two are never separate, always connected and interlaced.
This also gives respect and value to the power of concentration, for where we hold our attention, or, how we direct our current of energies, the magnetic fields around us work to support our intentions and movement through time.

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The artwork is by Joseph Leaderbrand
17″x14″ Watercolor on  hot-pressed paper.


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