Crystal Chakra Painting


Later named “The 7 Gateways” , this piece was commissioned around 2011 for a woman in her jewelry shop. The intention was to create a depiction of the chakras. There was to be a crystals at every node, representing each particular chakra. The painting was to supplement by capturing the  ethereal forms and inner mechanics, a.k.a. the Kundalini spiral. 

Several years later became ranked in google’s top 10 search results under search word “chakras” for a while, though no longer the case.


“The Seven Gateways”, Acrylic on Canvas by Joseph Leaderbrand.

11 Comments on “Crystal Chakra Painting

    • The original has been sold. I am readying this one for print, though. If you like, I can let you know when it’s available. Many thanks 🙂

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Would love a print of this also! Please let me know also when this is available.

  2. hey 🙂 i’m keen to get a print of this too – do you think you will have any available soon?

  3. I finally have received 2 test prints 16×20 (I believe) that came out great. So should be very soon~! Thanks, and I will surely let you know.

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