Intuition Log

This page is currently dedicated to logging personal intuitive moments and sharing with whom may find useful, helpful, and inspiring.

We improve our intuition in our lives by stilling our mind and becoming aware of thoughts and impressions that arise.  These are a result of waves of consciousness that are always there, but more visible when our mind is not racing with other distractions.


I had a sense impression before I left the house that my neighbor would want to speak to me and that I was glad I parked in the garage today, because I wanted to leave immediately –not to be distracted, in order to run a quick errand at the library.  When I pulled out of the driveway I saw him walking from his to his car.  How timely 🙂

Later this day I went to wash dishes at work when a girl I had never really talked, comes next to me to do some related tasks.  Going about my business I had a sudden sense of being in a Haunted House of which I had no idea how this popped into my mind… I proceeded to ask her if she had worked at a haunted house before, and replied, no.  I was a little disappointed that this was just noise in my mind, but then she began to talk about how she strongly dislikes haunted houses because she doesn’t like surprises, followed, by how her father would jump out and scare her as a child.  Interesting connection.  Perhaps something in her psyche that needed attention or healing was communicated telepathically because of trauma repressed for some time that hasn’t been expressed, does so in the ethers.

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